• Gabby Lynch

A Year With Plunder

Plunder is a wonderful company I have had the pleasure of working under for and being a stylist for, over a year now. Plunder Design started 6 years ago in Utah, by a wonderful woman who wanted to put a rustic, vintage twist to jewelry. And to say it is fantastic is an understatement.

A Year With Plunder was not written on the first anniversary I have been with Plunder. It is a mere reflection of what hard work can do. There is still a long way to go. Some may think, what is the point if you have a long way to go? What do you have a long way to go on?

Moving up and moving forward with Plunder are two goals I have. Even though I have been with them since February 2019, and I have no rank ups under my belt with their pyramid scheme. However, I still continue to hustle. Hard work and hustle are so important with anything, and that includes any side hustle, like Plunder. Consistency is an essential aspect that goes so well with those. Consistency with Plunder has gotten more Plunder jewelry in the hands of women.

So why did it take a year for that to happen?

Women wanting more women to succeed. What does that mean? I love seeing other women succeed. I always hear you have to spend money to make money. And that is true. I sowed into other women and their business and side hustles. Seeing them succeed has helped me to succeed in making more money in the last month than ever before. The last Plunder shipment of jewelry I ordered did not have any jewelry I was putting into my personal inventory.

That to me is a success. I can sit here and think about how bad I want to move up which can be good. Goals are amazing to have. But I have learned that taking baby steps is where the success is. Before long, my goals will be hit. Do not be so focused on your success and goals that you forget to help others succeed, too. It can be important to have competition. Without competition, we would not have a reason to want to move on and move up. That is all apart of the success. Doing better, getting better.

Looking back on the one plus year with Plunder is amazing. The growth, the small successes. It is an amazing feeling.

What makes you successful?



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