• Gabby Lynch

Flavored Water Your Way

Flavored water is seen by everyone who has been in a grocery store and offers a little more than just water. Flavor to start. It gives water a kick for those who don't like plain water.

Let's be honest though. The bottled flavored water offers more than just everyone's favorite flavoring if they offer said fave flavor. Sugar. That can only mean empty nutrients and the possibility of calories. Isn't water supposed to be healthy? Flavored water does offer a healthier alternative to your favorite soda pop. But to continue with the honesty train it's not that healthy. But what if it could be?

Flavored water with no sugar? You bet. Almost everyone has a smartphone today. Citrus Fusions is an awesome company that offers a better alternative to bottled flavored water and the only sugars involved is the fruit used to make it. A two-compartment, four-piece, water bottle offers a better solution to helping make healthier choices. And the fruit is edible. Flavored water and a snack when I'm done?

I can get behind that.

The bottom compartment holds the fruit need to flavor the water. Cut it up and twist the next piece on. The next piece looks like a lemon juicer. It is used to keep the fruit in its place so one doesn't get a mouth full of fruit until they're good and ready. Closing the juicer and bottom compartment, the first step is done. The next part holds the water. Twist that onto the juicer part and one is ready to fill the bottle with water and create flavored water. Fill with bottled water like I do and put it in the fridge to make it nice and cold or let it sit for a few minutes so the water can soak up some of the fruit juice and...

Bingo! Flavored water and an amazing healthy treat. Fill as many times as wanted and eat the fruit when finished.

The only downside to these wonderful bottles is shipping. It takes almost a month to receive once the order is placed, but these gems are well worth the wait.

Healthy alternatives plus staying hydrated seems so difficult in today's society. But once these gems are found it makes one wonder 'why didn't I try this sooner?' Don't be afraid to look up Citrus Fusions and their amazing bottles and do flavored water your way.



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