• Gabby Lynch

One Must Have Jewelry Piece

When I was younger I was never a fan of jewelry. I'd take my spells (Southern slang for a phase) with jewelry and wear it for a bit. Or I would like one item and wear it for a month. But there was nothing I ever LOVED. Anyone who knew me from when I was younger could say, "she doesn't like jewelry." "She won't sell jewelry. She doesn't do that kind of thing."

Fast forward to today. I love jewelry! I don't wear it every day, but I know what pieces I absolutely love. I can figure out which pieces to wear together. And I match my outfits to it and vice versa. But there's one piece of jewelry every girl needs in her jewelry stand, chest, drawer, or whatever she owns.

What would that be? You ask.

Beaded necklaces. That's right! Plural: necklaces. As in more than one.

But the title says "one...jewelry piece."

How about one jewelry piece in different colors? Mix! Match! Wear it in different colors. There's more than one color to choose from in beaded necklaces when shopping with Plunder Design. Five to be exact. Blue, red, brown, white, and multi-colored,

Beaded necklaces can be worn in four different ways. One way is pictured above with Willa, the multicolored beaded necklace. Short, long, tied, or around your wrist as a thick bracelet are others.

Pictured below is Mabel doubled up and worn long. Freedom is pictured in my favorite way to wear it: knotted. And super popular with beaded necklaces. Claire is worn shorter than Mabel but can be worn shorter. Larissa is triple wrapped to wear like a bracelet.




Beaded necklaces are so fun to wear and are a definite must-have for any jewelry loving girl. There is more than one way to wear a beaded necklace. There is even more than one color to pick. Can't decide which one to get? Go ahead and splurge. Every girl deserves it. Let's fill up our jewelry spaces with these must-have jewelry pieces.

Disclaimer: All images are Plunder Design images and will remain as such.



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